Wire Transfer: Terra Bank
Registered company name: Valencia Travel Agency S.A.C
Registered company address: Portal de Panes 123 C.C. Ruiseñores Of. 306 - 307 Cusco - Peru.
Company Number: 20490589857
Name of Director: Rene Hurtado Valencia

Bank Details:
Name of Beneficiary: Valencia Travel Agency S.A.C.

Address of Beneficiary: Portal de Panes 123 C.C. Ruiseñores of. 306 -307 Cusco Peru Bank Name: Terra Bank, N.A. Bank Address: 3191 Coral Way Miami Fl 33145 ABA/Routing: 066012333 SWIFT: TBNAUS33 Account: #(U$D): 1297969406 Note: Add approx. USD 40.00 to the amount you are sending to cover the transaction fee.

Payment with Credit Card: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners Club; Customers can make payments through our website. An additional charge of 5% would be applied over the final amount of the tour as a result of using credit card services and added to your bill.

In case you need any assistance, contact us to process your payment.

Western Union: You can pay by Western Union at their office (they have offices internationally) or online ( Receiver's first name: Rene Receiver's last name: Hurtado Valencia City/Town: Cusco Country: Peru

Note: In the "message" space on the Western Union form, please write the name of your tour and your arrival date. Once you have made the transaction, please send us the tracking number (MTCN code)


For services (transfers/ tours), cancellation fees will be charged as follows:

For FITS (For groups of up to 9 people), if the notification date of the cancellation is after 7 days prior to the arrival date, cancellation fees will be 100%.

For Groups (Groups of 10 or more people), if the notification date of the cancellation is after 15 days prior to the arrival date, cancellation fees will be 100%.

Valencia Travel Cusco guarantees and provides transportation, bilingual guides, equipment, and food as stated in the detailed itinerary. All tour prices include the services of a driver and guide, and miscellaneous costs are not included; for example, any service not outlined in the itinerary, such as hotel extras (washing and ironing of clothes, alcoholic drinks, telephone calls etc.), excess baggage costs, airport taxes, visa costs, etc.

Valencia Travel Cusco is not responsible for delays, inconveniences, or expenses of any kind resulting entirely or partly from causes beyond the company's control, nor for losses or additional costs due to delays, sickness, bad weather, strikes, riots or other similar circumstances.


We strongly advise you to take out a travel insurance that covers accidents, medical expenses (including rescue and air ambulance) and emergency repatriation. We also recommend that it covers cancellations and loss of luggage. Make sure that this insurance reimburses you for non-refundable trip costs. Once you have purchased travel insurance, please forward a copy of the insurance company name and policy number by email or bringing the information when you come to our office.


Our paramount as a company is the safety of the group. Thus, if a traveller behavior is detrimental to the safety and welfare of the group, incompatible with other members or contrary to the progress of the itinerary, Valencia Travel Cusco, reserves the right to require this person to withdraw from the tour. Anyone asked to leave for these reasons will not receive a refund. Refunds for unused services will not be honored under these circumstances, nor will any additional expenses be recognized.

In the case of an illness that hinders the progress of the trip, a client may also be excluded from a tour. The company can make the necessary arrangements and recover the client's costs.

Finally, a client committing an illegal act, they will be excluded from a tour and on this regard, any responsibility from Valencia Travel Cusco shall cease to exist.


Transportation, bilingual guides, equipment and food are included. Miscellaneous costs are not included, such as alcoholic beverages, personal telephone calls, excess baggage, airport taxes, visa charges, and travel insurance. All trip members will receive the necessary gear for their trip. The client must cover any damage or loss of all the equipment and gear supplied by Valencia Travel Cusco for their personal use. Tours are limited in number, usually less than 10, to lessen the impact on the environment and local cultures. This also ensures a more personalized service to each individual traveler.


Clients are responsible for their personal documentation such as valid passports and visas. The name on the airline ticket should correspond to the name on the passport. The client is responsible for a timely arrival for activities. Should they fail to do so, extra costs may incur in order to catch up with the group or even make it necessary to cancel and withdraw from the group. Travellers are also responsible for their own personal belongings, such as their baggage.


The person who signs the reservation order is the only person that can make changes to the Tour/Trek/Trip/Rental/Service. A $35 USD change of order fee is charged to make any changes. Though all efforts will be made to make the changes requested, they are not guaranteed and there may be additional costs in relation to these changes.


Should a client have any complaint about their holiday, they should make it known as soon as possible, directly to the guide or travel assistant in order to make the necessary amendments immediately. If the problem remains unsolved and the client requests a refund, they must write to the travel assistant no more than 30 days after the last day of the trip. Valencia Travel Cusco will attend to the case as quickly as possible, using the travel agency as the mediator.



We always make our best efforts to carry out tours / services according to the original schedules as listed in the reservation order. However, by entering into this agreement with Valencia Travel Cusco, the client accepts that necessary changes may need to be made to a Tour/Trek/Trip/Rental/Service due to predominant conditions (see 'Force Majeure' section above).

Valencia Travel Cusco reserves the right to change or cancel any facilities, services and substitute for reasonable alternative of comparable value.
In the event of a major change, the client will be notified as soon as possible. The client will have options with regards to accepting the change.


We strongly suggest spending time at high altitude (above 3000 meters / 9842 feet - in Cusco or another high altitude area) for a minimum of 3 to 4 days before undertaking your trip. This is in order to minimize the possible effects of altitude sickness. Also, you can help your body acclimatize by drinking plenty of liquids, adding a bit more sugar to your drinks, eating food rich in carbohydrates, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, and drinking coca (ancient traditional leaf) tea. Diamox can also be helpful - please ask your doctor about purchasing any medications before traveling.


The night before your trek, there will be a pre-trek talk (briefing) in our office at either 6:30 pm or 7:30 pm (exact time will be confirmed upon your arrival or by email). A duffel bag will be provided at this time, if you have paid for an extra porter for your Inca Trail or if you are doing an alternative trek.

Thanks again for choosing us and we look forward to seeing you in Cusco!.

Valencia Travel Cusco Team

Enjoy all the different services that we provide. Make sure to use caution and most importantly, have fun!