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The country is geographically constructed with the Andes as the backbone, the coastal region to the West and the jungle to the East, occupying 60% of the country, it is no wonder that Peru is one of the top 12 most biodiverse countries on the planet. Historically the Incas were the most famous Peruvian civilisation however there were many pre -Inca civilisations making the perfect base for the Incas to conquer and become one of the most difficult places for the Spanish to conquer on their arrival in the 1500s. The Spanish were interested with the many minerals including gold of course, which was the purpose of their invasion. Peru gained independence from the Spanish in 1821 and became an independent republic. With a population of 32 million, the ethnicity is a mixture of American indigenous, Afro Caribbean, European and Asian. Peru is world famous for its gastronomy, with many native plants and vegetables as well as grains such as quinoa, Amazonian fruits and of course the humble potato. As a result, Peru has two restaurants in the world’s top ten with Top Chefs Gaston Acurio and Virgilio Martinez leading the way in culinary art. Learn more about Peru top rated tours.

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