What Makes Valencia Travel Cusco Different?
What Makes Valencia Travel Cusco Different?

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Published: 30-08-2021

When it comes to tour companies, there are plenty out there to pick from, but how do you know that the one you’re choosing is ethical, responsible, and authentic in its approach to how it treats its guides, suppliers, and the environment?

Valencia Travel Cusco is known right around the world as the traveller’s choice when it comes to South American adventures, because as a team, we are unified in our approach in creating not only the best itineraries possible, but delivering these experiences in such a way that everyone in the tourism supply chain is treated fairly, equally, and with respect.


When you travel with us, you are travelling with a Peru tour agency that:

  • Pays fair, living wages to its tour guides
  • Supports local economies (from the cities to the regional towns, all the way through to villages and indigenous communities)
  • Provides jobs in local—often remote—communities that otherwise have minimal employment opportunities
  • Conducts its travel in an environmentally-responsible manner
  • Protects animals
  • Is inclusive, no matter your age, sex, gender, or physical and mental abilities—travel is for everyone
  • Uses COVID-19 safe procedures to ensure guests are safe and sanitised
  • Is committed to cultural preservation and the empowerment of local communities
  • Endeavours to provide the best, most authentic experience for its guests


A Valencia Travel Cusco tour is so much more than just a wonderful and exciting trip. When you book with us, you are helping to keep families employed, communities active, nature preserved, animals safe, culture understood, history remembered, and a future promised for all of the incredible people who help us to deliver memories that last a lifetime to you—our guests—who for us, are like family.

It is with great hope that we foresee Peru’s borders opening back up for travel in the coming months, and when they do, we look forward to continuing our operations that provide so many opportunities for those in our country, whom like many around the world, have endured hardship throughout the pandemic. Together, we are better, stronger, and more united, and with our guests in tow, we can’t wait to explore, dream, and discover as a group that arrives as strangers, but leaves as friends for life.