Tour Guide Spotlight: Introducing Corina Nanci Duran Ttito
Tour Guide Spotlight: Introducing Corina Nanci Duran Ttito

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Published: 06-09-2021

In Valencia Travel Cusco's Tour Guide Spotlight series, you'll have the opportunity to learn about our many wonderful and passionate guides who love nothing more than taking you on tour for the adventure of a lifetime. Tour guides are such an important part of any tour. They take on so much responsibility to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience, filled with priceless memories, lots of laughs and incredible moments. We are so proud of our tour guides and can't wait for you to get to know them. 

So, without further ado, we would like to introduce you to our wonderful tour guide, Corina.


What's your name?

Corina Nanci Duran Ttito


How long have you been a tour guide for?

I have been working as a professional tour guide for more than 25 years. I am a Senior Trip Leader, Program Manager, and National Escort, and I have been hosting international travellers since 1996. Being a National Escort and Senior Trip Leader is very important as I am responsible for keeping my customers safe, secure and happy throughout their journey, and I find it an honor to share the history and ancient customs of my country, while providing interaction and unforgettable experiences with local communities.


How long have you been a tour guide for VTC?

I have been with VTC for just over 5 years, and I am so happy to be a part of their team. VTC is a company that likes to give unique and real experiences to travellers. I am honoured to be one of their guides as VTC is passionate about giving their guests fun times and authentic experiences.


Tell me about a hidden spot in Peru that you love, that most tourists wouldn't know about?

Poc Poc Waterfall:   Located at Chincero, this is a full-day adventure tour!  Approximately 7.5 miles in distance, we go from 12,400 feet down to 9,350 feet, hiking through amazing nature with a delicious Peruvian lunch to keep us energised on the journey. 


Corina on a quick picture next to the waterfall

Another side of the waterfall

Wakrapukara: This place is for people who really love to hike, for walking lovers who enjoy being in contact with mother nature, love the views on offer that have amazing vistas, people who know that every effort in walking that next corner is worth it! It is approximately a 3-hour drive from Cusco. From the distance you can observe the majestic mountains called APUS.

Corina in Wakrapukara

What do you love most about Peru?

I love the sincere affection that people give, its culture, the rich history, its customs, the gastronomy, the immense resources and tourist attractions that our country has. Peru really does have something for everyone.


If there's one essential phrase that any traveler should know when visiting your country, what should it be?

Hola Wayki/Causita (hello brother/buddy)


What's the best local beer/wine/spirit, & dish, that new visitors to your country should try?

Must try is Chicha beer, which is fermented with corn, and has a long history having been drank since the time of the Incas's (and for good reason--it is delicious!). For Peruvian wine, go for Tacama or Intipalka. I also recommend trying our national cocktail, a Pisco Sour. You can't come here and not try it!

For food? It has to be Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Aji de Gallina and of course our, Chifa.


What's your favorite VTC tour, and why?

Sacred Valley and any community-related tourism. Why?  I really enjoy showing to my travellers the real life of my people, and the interaction our customers have with locals, and vice-versa, is such an important experience. 


What's the best memory you have as a tour guide?

Being part of a wedding of our customers with typical customs of our ancestors.

Participating in local and traditional religious festivities, and eating Chiriuchu with travellers.


What are you most looking forward to once travel opens back up?

Seeing our customers enjoy their trip in all its glory, and fulfilling the expectations they have since they have been waiting such a long time for travel to resume. Most of all, I just look forward to giving my travellers a meaningful experience that they can find joy in!


What is your favorite travel quote?

Ready for adventure? Let's have fun together! Vámonos, Jakuchis, Andiamo. 

We are not the best or the worst, we are just different to other countries.

Travelling is to keep educating ourselves.

Travelling is to be immersed in the culture of the country that we visit, and to understand the people.

Travelling is going to be a life-changing experience for those who want to leave their comfort zone and have a real cultural experience.


How has travel changed your life?

I am a better person, and I am still learning different cultures.  Travelling for me is “Education” and learning more and more about the different social and political situations of each country that I’ve visited.  I do a little bit of benchmarking and seek to undertake improvements in the things that I do in my country.


A small history about my life

I grew up in a small community called Paruro, the town where the Inca's mythically originated. I was immersed in culture and history, and the archeological ruins were my playground. With a lack of televisions, radios, and automobiles, I used to make my own toys from clay and woods. As the oldest of seven children, I took on the role of caretaker for my younger siblings, and this responsibility caused me to mature early. When I was 10 years old, I made chicha beer from corn and wheat bread to sell or barter for other products.


I look back fondly on my memories of the farm: herding the cattle, taking care of my grandparents’ sheep, planting and plowing potatoes, and growing corn. However, it was not easy to be a farmer. It made me strong and motivated me to study. My ambitions drove me to enter a university, which is only a dream for most farmer children.  Fortunately, I was able to make this dream come true. Life in the city was challenging and different from everything I was used to. Today, I have a License in Tourism and Administration, a Master’s in Administration and Tourism Management, as well a Doctor’s in Administration.


I was eager to share my Inca background and teach visitors about the Andean People. When I began my work as a tour guide, I learned just as much from my travelers as they learned from my instruction. I am passionate about my job because this phenomenon never ceases to amaze me. Sharing my culture, history, and tradition with travellers from all over the world molds me into a worldly person, too. The ability to learn about various cultures enhances me as a tour guide and makes me become a more open-minded individual. 


Every aspect of my tours is meaningful but shopping in a local grocery market with my group is always special to me. Sharing some local fruit, food and having a wonderful interaction with local peoples is so unique.


A beautiful note from one of my customers that means the world to me:


“Corina made this trip an even more meaningful experience for us. She is a lovely, caring person, and we felt her pride in her people and her country.”