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The Salkantay Trek & Machu Picchu tour

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Published: 18-10-2021

Machu Picchu conjures up wild fantasies about adventure for first-timers to Peru, and they aren’t wrong: trekking the jungle terrain, a visual splice of all things green, while the wildlife howls and exotic birds fly above, gliding through the topaz sky, is as awesome as it sounds. What is also a fact is that you, like me, and like everybody else in this world, dreams of going to Machu Picchu—a place I regard to be the Crown Jewel of Latin America. And because we all dream of working up the sweat and grind required to see this ancient Incan ruin for ourselves—for those that want to do it the adventurous way—we find ourselves in great, albeit crowded, company at times.

Enter the Salkantay Trek & Machu Picchu tour.

Regarded by many devoted trekkers as the prettiest of all roads to Machu Picchu, the scenery is a photographer’s delight but the real kicker is that compared to its extremely popular cousin, the classic Inca trail (which is great in itself), this version of the trip sees far less people, and therefore feels more intimate and personal as you find yourself in a small, select group amongst the wilderness. Like any Machu Picchu trek worth its salt, it would be remiss of us to not take you to the quaint town of Cusco—arguably Latin America’s base camp for all-things adventure. Cool bars, sweet taverns, and globe trotters from across the world can be found soaking in the culture and nightlife before departing for Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest, and other epic voyages. There is so much to do in Cusco, from traditional cooking classes to chocolate making courses, and with the churches and monuments within walking distance from your hotel, you will have a nice introduction to Peru before gearing-up for Machu Picchu.

Our 7-day, 8-night tour will take you on a hike to Humantay Lake, Soraypampa, through the cloud forest en route to a delicious lunch at Huayracpunku, and Colcapampa, during which time you’ll ascend as high as 4,650m above sea level. All of our trekking is great for nature shots and epic scenery, but this tour also strikes the perfect balance with down time, including relaxing thermal hot springs at La Playa to soothe those aching muscles, as well as waterfalls and creeks to cool down along the way.

If you want to get up close and personal with nature, then this tour is it!

The prequel to our early rise for Machu Picchu the day before, will see us explore Aguas Calientes. A cute town at the base of the mountain, it’s the perfect refuge to take in the many days of travelling and hiking we have undertaken, knowing that the ultimate reward is just around the corner. Explore by foot, check out the nearby hot springs, have a well-earned drink and then join the group for a traditional Peruvian meal before turning in for the night, and seeing your dreams come true the next morning at magical Machu Picchu!

Dive into the details about our Salkantay Trek & Machu Picchu tour here, and book your spot now for 2022 once travel opens back up!