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The Challenge of the Sacred Mountain

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Published: 21-12-2021

For those on the lookout for the ultimate adventure, the Ausangate trek is considered one of the toughest treks leading to Machu Picchu that one can undertake. Over the course of 10 days, this stunning yet challenging trek exposes hikers to snow-capped mountains, epic glaciers, lakes, and plenty of wildlife. Translated from the native language of Quechua to English, the Apu Ausangate—from where the trek takes its name—means Sacred Mountain, and for travellers and trekkers from all across the globe, it is both sacred and special in its uniquely personal way to those who conquer it.

Reaching a peak of 6,385 metres (20,945 ft.) the air up here is thin due to the high altitude, so over the course of this 10-day journey to Machu Picchu it’s important to pace yourself to ensure success. Being a far less popular tour than other Machu Picchu treks, likely due to a combination of its length and difficulty, for those seeking a truly off the beaten path experience there is nothing like this tour. Kicking-off in Cusco where we’ll give you a couple of days to prepare for the trek, settle in, and explore town, it’s on day 3 that our great outdoor adventure begins, which from there on out, we will visit the famous Rainbow Mountain, the huge Palomani mountain pass (the shortest day of the trek, but also the moment in which we ascend to the highest mountain peak), and of course, the quaint town of Aguas Calientes which sits at the base of Machu Picchu.

Aguas Calientes: The mythical town nestled between two mountains at the base of Machu Picchu

The ancient Incan ruin is a spectacle of magical proportions—something that has to be seen to be believed and something that at the end of your trip, will feel fully earned and justified.

Machu Picchu: The magical view you will see at the end of your journey

Calories will be burned. Beautiful scenery sighted. Inspirational views taken in. And after 10 days on this adventure, you will leave it feeling accomplished, inspired, and wondering where the next epic trek will take you.

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