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Tastes of Peru: A Culinary Journey

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Published: 06-12-2021

Some of the best places to travel in Peru are also some of the best places to experience its cuisine. Depending on the area of Peru you find yourself in, there’s a traditional Peruvian food dish that comes inspired from the surrounding climate—dishes and drinks that are renowned around the world for their unique flavours, native ingredients, and creative recipes that make them distinctly Peruvian.

Begin your culinary journey of Peru by the sea in Lima—and if you’re guessing this passage is about seafood, while you would be right, it’s all in the preparation of one famed dish that piques the interest of its first-time diners that makes this version of seafood incredibly different from other nations.

Fresh Ceviche


Enter Ceviche: a dish of cubed, raw fish that is marinated in lemon or lime citrus juice, and tossed with seasonings such as salt, chili, coriander and diced onions. The only thing better than eating the delectable ceviche is learning how to cook it for yourself, which is exactly what you can do on our uber-popular tour, Taste of Peru Experience and Traditional Lunch. Peru’s national dish is a must-try on your next trip here, and is perfect as an appetiser or a quick snack along with the country’s signature cocktail—the Pisco Sour (the history of which, and varieties in play, you can try for yourself on our Pisco Sour Tasing tour in Cusco).

Pisco sours!

While the Pisco Sour is legendary around the globe for its fruity aroma and pungent, yet smooth bite, the actual history behind the vineyards that produce the special grape and its cultural relevance to the Peruvian people can best be explored on our Pisco Route tour. With museums to impart knowledge, sandboarding down big, golden sand dunes just outside of the Huacachina Lagoon on offer for the adventurous, and plenty of Pisco tastings throughout the day, such a gastronomical journey will take you to the southern city of Ica.

Granja Porcon

To make your culinary journey of Peru complete, why not come with us to the mountains where you can experience a true agricultural success story at Granja Porcón, a farm that was formed by the government of Peru in order to provide poorer rural workers with the opportunity to support themselves. On this very unique farm tour, you will have the chance to experience rural farming life by helping out the locals with all sorts of duties, from harvesting potatoes to milking cows, as well as other tasks that first-hand, allow you to understand exactly what it takes to make a community like this work. Located in Cajamarca, you’ll get to taste all sorts of local treats, including locally-produced cheeses, milk, and other dairy products.

For the foodie travellers out there, every peak and valley, coastal town and highland region offers something delicious to experience that is truly authentic while on tour. We look forward to you joining us as we share Peru's cuisine with you—no matter where in our country you end up!