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Join us in Peru’s Oasis

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Published: 11-10-2021

One of the coolest things human beings can imagine is seeing an oasis. It seems too much of a contrast, too much of an impossibility to actually exist: That in the middle of a dry, hot, and desolate desert, a sparkling body of water appears out of the sand like a luminescent blue eye. Is it real? Or is it fake? Are we hallucinating due to dehydration and wishful thinking, walking perilously towards our fate like the brave, nomadic explorers before us? Or is this the real deal?

It is, ladies and gentlemen: Peru’s desert oasis is real, and we would love for you to join us there on Valencia Travel Cusco’s Pisco Route tour!

The city of Ica is surrounded by golden sand dunes that lap upon one another like desert waves, and despite these harsh conditions, Ica, ironically, is agriculturally rich when it comes to producing fruit, cotton, asparagus, and the country’s most famous drink: the Pisco Sour! Well, perhaps more accurately, the city of Ica produces the grape that is used in creating this wonderful cocktail, and on this trip, you will learn all about how it is produced, including techniques and equipment, with plenty of delicious tastings that are sure to leave you happy and jolly!

Prior to a vineyard tour, however, you’ll get to work up that thirst by undertaking one of the most fun activities (and hardest to come by): sandboarding! This will take place in the magical locale of Huacachina Lagoon, which is a world-famous oasis village lined with palm trees, huarango trees, eucalyptus and soft, sunburst-orange sand dunes. Culture and history comes next with a visit to one of Peru’s most renowned museums—the Regional Museum—which contains ancient ceramics, fossils, Incan relics and even mummies.

For the sweet tooths out there, we have a surprise in store: a visit to a delicious chocolatier so you can get your daily dose of antioxidants and a yummy snack before we venture to the vineyard that is responsible for producing 7 million litres of Peruvian wine, and 5 million litres of Pisco every year.

For a half-day vineyard tour, this can’t be beat. Check it out now and secure your place once travel opens back up.