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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu like no other


Connect with the essence of Peru

Classic Inca Trail promo

Conquer The Inca Trail

If you want to hike the Inca Trail in the most traditional way, then Valencia Travel Cusco’s Classic IncaTrail Trek to Machu Picchu is just what you’ve been looking for.

As one of the most famous treks in the world, the four-day, three-night adventure will take you through dense jungle, over gushing rivers, and provide you with spectacular scenery that has become the stuffof legend on the backpacker trail.

Hiking the trail will expose you to awesome vistas of the surrounding mountains as you stand at the clifftops of rocky pathways that zig-zag up and down, with variations in temperature matching thechanges in altitude.

Once you conquer the trek, it never leaves you, making it one of the most memorable and impressionable travel experiences the world has to offer.

Suggested Program: Classic Inca Trail

The 4 day & 3 night classic Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu is one of the most famous treks in South America, and for good reason. Mixing history and wildlife and spectacular scenery, this four-day, three-night adventure is an unforgettable experience, with a final destination -- Machu Picchu itself -- that ranks among the world’s most impressive archaeological sites. 

The classic Inca Trail is only about 42 km (26 miles) long, but it goes up and down and along mountains, rising up through three mountain passes, and generally takes a circuitous route through the tricky terrain in this part of Peru. That makes it a more strenuous 42 km than most, but also one with spectacular scenery, passing through various Andean environments including cloud forest and alpine tundra.

Along the trail, you’ll be trekking through an area of great biodiversity. At any moment you could come across orchids, foxes, cocks-of -the-rock (Peru’s national bird), spectacled bears, deer and many more species of flora and fauna. As you trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you’ll also pass by other impressive Inca ruins, such as Wiñay Wayña and Phuyupatamarca. It’s an incredibly rich trekking experience, and that’s before you even reach your destination: the sublime mountaintop Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. 

It’s impossible to overstate the beauty of Machu Picchu, from its incredible architecture to the surrounding mountains and mist-filled gorges. But we won’t describe it all here. Far better if you come with us on the classic Inca Trail, with our professional guides, porters and talented cooks, and discover this magical trek for yourself. We also have our Premium Inca Trail to Machu Picchu tour which has a few more perks that aren't included here.


During the Classic Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu tour, you’ll have the chance to encounter all sorts of wildlife, from spectacled bears to Peru’s national bird (known as cock-of-the-rock), all the while dining on native cuisine with a crew of talented local cooks who will join you along the journey; and if you’re fascinated by weird, wacky and exotic plants, the trail promises not to let you down.

After all, this is Machu Picchu we’re talking about, and its reputation as a magical destination is not without merit.

If you plan on visiting one of the world’s most iconic destinations that is reserved for only the most adventurous and culturally-curious of the lot of us, hiking the Inca trail in Peru is a must on your next visit.

What´s Included

  • Maximum group size is 16 people, the excursion leaves with at least 2 people
  • Briefing to the tour one day before the trek at 19h00
  • Accommodation: Ayapata Camp (1 night), Chaquicocha (1night) Wiñay Wayña (1 night) 
  • Transport: Private or share 
  • Your Journeys Highlight Moment: Machupicchu archeological site, landscapes 
  • Meals: 3 breakfast, 3 lunches, 3 dinners 
  • Inca trail and Machupicchu entrance fee 
  • Train ticket to Km 82
  • Train ticket from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo station 
  • Round trip bus ticket from Aguas Calientes to Machupicchu 
  • First aid kit, if you are taking any medications, please bring your prescription with you 
  • Professional Guided tour ENG 
  • Snacks to be eaten throughout the day 
  • An assistant guide for groups of more than 9 people 
  • A chef trained for cooking on trekking routes and an assistant cook
  • Complete set of kitchen equipment and utensils
  • Dining room equipment which includes tables, chairs, and a dining tent
  • Water (you need to bring water for the first morning then we will provide you with drinking - previously boiled - water)
  • 24/7 support and emergency line available throughout the itinerary

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Into the Sacred Mountains


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The Inca Trail to Wiñay Wayna


Day 3

The End of the Inca Trail and Arrival at Machu Picchu


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